Get a job

Get a Social Insurance Number, have a criminal record check or a security clearance, apply for or renew a work permit, find out about public or private sector job openings or hiring initiatives.



Information on the qualifications required to get and keep a job, as well as on education, training, financial aid, and help for apprentices.

Recruiting and supervising staff

information on hiring, training, and managing personnel as well as requirements related to payroll, wages, and other human resources matters.

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Launch a business

Information about the factors to take into account before beginning a business, including templates for business plans, rules, and incorporation.

Workplace expectations

Labor relations programs, workplace regulations, federal health and safety requirements, and federal and provincial labor legislation.

Retirement and pensions

Federal benefits, employee and individual pensions, and registered retirement savings

information about retirement plans and planning tools.


benefits from employment insurance and time off

Includes sickness, fishing, and family benefits from Employment Insurance (EI), as well as information on how to apply online and submit a report.

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